You are here because you have forgotten either or both your Membership ID and  Membership password.
We will send you an email with your Membership ID and a new password to your main Membership eMail address. You can susequently change this password through the MyAccount page.

Please note, your Membership ID and password are those needed to gain access to the internet from the Tove Valley through the TVB service and to administer your account details, payments, eMail addresses, etc. They are NOT your eMail address and password. You can administer your email addresses and passwords from the MyEmails page

Please type your Surname, postcode and the first line of your address you believe you used to initially register with TVB. We will use this information to identify you and if successful, will send an eMail to you using the eMail address you registered with. If you believe this eMail address is not appropriate, you must ContactUs and provide as much information as you can to identify yourself. If you cannot use eMail to contact us, look up Keith Fenwick, Eric Malcomson, Richard Tomalin or Peter Watkins in the telephone directory and give us a ring.